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Kmart Fans - This News Will Make Your Day, Nay, Week!

One of Kmart's biggest draw cards is that it is cheap, cheap, cheap. 

Clothes, homewares, toys, you can walk into the store with a ten dollar note and leave with any of these things. 

So you don't want to see the damage we can do with $100 on pay day! 

But we've just caught wind of some even better news - Kmart is getting even cheaper!


The company are moving their manufacturing from China to Java, Indonesia, according to A Current Affair. 

Clothing is set to drop in price by 20%, while board games, exercise mats and kitchenware are also expected to see a price drop. 

The first 320 items with a cheaper price tag will be in stores as early as this week - looks like a visit to Kmart is definitely in order! 

“Customer expectations are rising at an incredible rate,” Kmart Managing Director Ian Bailey said. 

“We sell 800 million things a year.

"You don’t have to make a lot of money on each thing for it to still be a very profitable business."

And don't worry - a move from China to Java does not mean the company are allowing slave labour conditions or cheaper, lower quality product. 

“All of us (retailers) are looking for factories that do the right thing and pumping waste into rivers is no good to anyone in the long run,” Mr Bailey said.

"No good to us, no good to the community.

“There’s a minimum wage which is set by the area, which all these people are governed by, and many are paid more than that because they do a little bit of overtime and their base hours are a 40-hour week, Monday to Friday."

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