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Kris Jenner Is Being Blackmailed Over A Nude Video

Kris Jenner is being blackmailed over a nude video.

The 59-year-old reality star's iCloud account was recently hacked, leading to the intruder gaining to access her home security cameras and footage of the mother-of-six changing in her closet.

In scenes filmed for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', Kris was told by her personal assistant: "So I just got word from our PI and I don't want you to freak out but whoever it is might have a video of you from your closet camera, they said were you naked.

"When they hacked your iCloud I think they were still able to access that camera within that tape."

The shocked Kardashian matriarch's assistant then informed her the hacker wanted a financial incentive to stop them from releasing the embarrassing video to the world.

Speaking about the content of the tape, her assistant explained: "[It shows] you changing in the closet, they said they are asking for money in return for the video that they have."

Kris replied: "Are they going to release this footage? That's extortion. I can't believe there are people that would do something like this.

"I just want to cry right now, it's so sick and twisted and I feel so violated."

And the intrusion of their privacy clearly shook the whole family as daughter Khloe empathised with her mother.

She said: "I do feel bad, my mum had such high fears that people are watching her and how her biggest fears are coming true."

Kris added: "I think my kids are starting to appreciate how serious this is now and we all need to take our security and everything else around us to a whole new level."

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