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Kylie Jenner Just Totally Confirmed The Sex Of Her Baby

I know there are some people who doubt whether Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant.

The shots taken from the chest up and lack of denial from the Kardashian camp aren’t proof enough, we now know that Kylie Jenner is officially messing with us.

Recently she uploaded a snapchat of her new ‘Kylie Shop’ phone cases, and keeping true to her nickname - the ‘Queen of Hints’ - held up blue and pink cases, posing the question; ‘Which one? I'm thinking blue ...'


Well... Come on.

She’s just trying to make us CRAZY.

Another apparent 'hint' saw the star post an image of three cinnamon rolls in a tin she shared on Snapchat is a tacit admission that she has a bun in the oven.

To further cement talk of pregnancy the star posted two photos of herself in a massive button down shirt which drowned out any hint of a baby bump.


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