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Magistrate Needs More Time To Sentence Sophie Monk's Stalker

Sophie Monk has been dealing with a terrifying cyber bully for years now and after going to court, James Scott McCabe, 31, is still yet to be sentenced.

McCabe was first arrested back in 2013 but allegedly resumed communication with the media personality in September last year using a new Facebook account, continuing with his trademark sexual and threating messages.

This comes after years of sending violent and sexually explicit messages, totalled to be in the 1000s, to the singer, including threats to harm her, her family and her friends.

However, magistrate Sharon Cure is said to need 'more time' to sentence the man, who recently changed his plea from 'not guilty' to 'guilty'.

“But for these factors he would be facing a substantial term of imprisonment,” she said.

Sentencing will now take place next week.

If you or someone you know is being bullied or abused, contact Reach Out for support and assistance.

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