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MKR Fans Have Spotted A HUGE Error In Last Nights Show

Brett and Marie are set to face Mark and Chris in a sudden-death face off on My Kitchen Rules on Sunday.

However, eagle-eyed viewers have flocked to Twitter to vent their frustration, with many saying they won’t watch the episode after they believe it is obvious Brett and Marie are going home. 'Thanks for the massive promo fail...guess that frees up my Sunday night (and 30 mins of ads I don't have to suffer),' one fan wrote. 

Another added: 'Hope some Channel 7 executive is taking note. It bloody spoils things majorly.'

'Seems like we already know who will be going home no use in watching Sunday,' another wrote. 

At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Mark and Chris were revealed to be heading to sudden death, after failing to impress in the street food challenge.

However, the promo showed a self-proclaimed seafood king Josh calling Amy a ’s**t’ during her party, causing judge Manu Feildel to tell him off outside.

It shows his wife Amy, running out of their house in tears, with Josh saying they can work it out.

Seven teased the moment as 'the break up.'

Throughout the promotion, you can visible see Mark and Chris in the background, which has lead the viewers to believe they will be saved on Sunday!

We will find out on Sunday evening at 7PM on Seven.

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