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NOTHING Will Prepare You For This Question

In the latest instalment of weddings make people CRAZY, a Mother-of-a-Bride has written a SERIOUS question into an advice column.

The question, which is insensitive and downright crap, has naturally caused outrage and rightfully so.

Breathe in and out for ten seconds before you read what is possibly the most offensive post you will ever see:

Yup. That actually happened.

This parent, who has known the Maid of Honour Katie since she was 4 years old, tries to make it seem less offensive by saying she’s “like a daughter to her”…

“I still think it will look unsightly if she’s in the wedding procession limping ahead of my daughter,” the woman said. “I mentioned this to my daughter and suggested that maybe Katie could take video or hand out programs (while sitting) so she doesn’t ruin the aesthetic aspect of the wedding.”

Has this lady actually lost her mind?

Dear Prudence columnist Mallory Ortberg has admitted to having a hard time wrapping her head around the question – which if it were us we’d be all….

Mallory does suggest that this woman re-read her letter and ask herself if “she sounds like a villain in a Reese Witherspoon movie”. No need to re-read it. She does.

“A limp is not a fly in the ointment; it’s a part of Katie’s life,” Mallory wrote. “It is not only wrong to have asked your daughter to consider excluding her best friend over this—it is ableist, and cruel, and it speaks to a massive failure of empathy, compassion, and grace on your part.”


This is one of the cruellest things we have ever read and seriously, WTAF.

Mallory concludes by telling this Mother: ” I encourage you to profoundly reconsider the orientation of your heart.”

Which is great advice, and we hope she takes it.

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