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Sophie Monk Named Australia’s Next Bachelorette

For weeks we’ve been anticipating who Australia’s Bachelorette will be to follow the exciting season of The Bachelor, with crowd favourite Matty J at the helm.

And now, we know.

Our very own Sophie Monk will take the highly anticipated role, and will be put in the driver’s seat and armed with the right tools, on a mission to find the soul mate she’s always been searching for.

Sophie has publicly had an unlucky run when it comes to finding the one, so she will be partaking in the Channel 10 show that saw predecessor Georgia Love find erm… love, with Lee, in the hopes of finally finding her own one true love.

Sophie said: “My Mum was the person who suggested that I should be the Bachelorette. She, along with the rest of my family, know how much it means to me to find the right person to settle down with.

“I moved back to Australia a couple of years ago and I’ve embraced life back in the suburbs on the Gold Coast. I love having my parents and family nearby, and spending time with my niece and nephews, but I’m missing that one person to share it with.”

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