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Outrage As GROWN ADULTS Are Calling Blue Ivy Ugly Online

This year at the MTV VMAs, Beyonce chose to bring her tot, Blue Ivy, as her date.

The pair looked gorgeous, dressed up in a flurry of tulle, beading, feathers and pastel hues - it was glorious, and a rare glimpse at the child who is sure to become hip hop royalty.

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So imagine our disgust when we realised a few days after, thanks to the Huffington Post, that GROWN ADULTS around the world actually took to social media during and after the awards, simply to slam Blue Ivy.

The comments have been scathing, calling the little girl “ugly” after her red carpet appearance. The Huffington Post rightfully pointed out that this is exactly how children develop self esteem issues.

ALL children are absolutely gorgeous and should not be told any different. Imagine how it must feel for Beyonce as a mother to read that?

It comes just a few days after another little grew up thinking her name was “idiot” because that’s what her parents referred to her as. NOT COOL.

Others have jumped to Blue’s defence, calling the comments ‘racist’.

Source: AWW

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