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People Are Worried About Jim Carrey After Bizarre Interview

After a year or two of laying low, Jim Carrey made headlines recently for comments he made during an interview on the red carpet at a Harpers Bazaar party.

The video of Carrey, telling the E! News reporter that this was a ‘completely meaningless’ event, and that he didn’t believe she or ‘any of this’ existed, shortly went viral - and people began to worry for the comedian’s mental health.

In an interview obtained by Mornings, Carrey is seen addressing the interview and explaining how ‘Jim Carrey’ never existed in the first place: “Actually he [Jim Carrey] never existed, and I know that now. So I'm able to take gigantic chances with this thing that people know as Jim Carrey.”

His explanation was summed up as follows: “As an actor, you play characters and if you go deep enough into those characters then you realise that your own character is pretty thin to begin with, you know?

And you suddenly have this separation where you go 'who's Jim Carrey? Oh he doesn't exist actually'.

There's just a relative manifestation of consciousness appearing and then somebody gave him a bunch of ideas, and a name, a religion and a nationality and he clustered those together into somethings that's supposed to be a personality.”

Even though he may believe in Jim Carrey, we certainly do.

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