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Post Malone Goes On His Very Own Ghost Adventure

Austin Richard Post, most commonly known as Post Malone, has apparently found his true calling as a ghost hunter. The 22-year-old joined Zak Bagans and the rest of the crew of Ghost Adventures as a special guest for an episode that was filmed back in November 2017. 

The rapper is best known for his songs Rockstar and I Fall Apart, as well as appearing on Lorde’s track Homemade Dynamite. He was also excited to be apart of the show and tweeted, "this is gonna be badass!!!"

Post Malone’s guest appearance was first teased when Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans tweeted, “@PostMalone is Ghost Malone #GhostAdventures Stay tuned…” back in November 2017.

The episode follows Post and the crew exploring a haunted slaughter house in Tuscon. Bagans is now claiming that Post is a natural born ghost hunter because he’s got the gift for communicating with the dead. 

Sounds spooky!

We can expect to see more of the rapper on the show in the future as the GA crew were so impressed with him, they’re already planning on bringing him back. 

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