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Prostitute Who Found Lamar Says She's 'Living In Fear'

In a normal scenario, if you were the one to come across a person who was unconscious, you would be labelled a hero for calling the authorities and saving that person's life.

However, for Monica Monroe, who has been revealed as one of the prostitutes who discovered Odom collapsed unconscious in the bedroom of the brothel, that is not the case.

She told Daily Mail Australia that she saved Odom's life when she found him and denies that she helped supply him with drugs. She said, "I didn't do anything wrong - I saved his life."

It has been revealed that Monroe is already in witness protection because her boyfriend was murdered earlier this year, this is also the case for the other prostitute involved, who used the name Cherry Rider, as her ex-boyfriend was also murdered.

Both women insist they're innocent, but have since left the ranch and have also reportedly had their $19,000 pay checks cancelled.

Source: Daily Mail

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