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Prepare For Transport NIGHTMARE To Bruno And Ed Concerts

Having the choice to see either Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran in Sydney this weekend is DEFINITELY what we like.

But having both of the superstars play their concerts in the SAME suburb…That’s far from ‘Perfect’.

This Saturday 17th March Ed Sheeran will be serenading a sold out ANZ stadium while Bruno Mars will be singing and dancing his heart away in front of a massive crowd at Qudos Bank Arena. And for those who maybe aren’t that great at geography, these two stadiums are no less than 50 METRES from each other!

So with that information in mind, we decided to do a quick calculation. After having a look at Ticketek, both shows are sold out on 17th March. Now ANZ stadium holds a massive 83,500 people at capacity while Qudos Bank arena holds 21,000.

So if we assume that this is around about how many tickets were sold, that means that approximately 104,500 people will be heading to Sydney Olympic Park at the EXACT SAME TIME!

And it literally is at about the same time. The doors for Bruno open externally at 6:00pm and internally at 7:00pm while the doors for Ed open at 6:30pm.

You know what that means people? Travelling to and from Sydney Olympic Park is going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE!! So if you’re heading to one of the mega shows this weekend start planning now and take these few tips into consideration.

If You’re Driving: 

We don’t really recommend this form of travel to such a massive event - everyone remembers the terrible time when heaps of concert goers missed half of Taylor Swift’s concert at Allianz Stadium due to traffic jams - but if driving is your only option it goes without saying to make sure you leave extremely early.

You should also pre-book parking so that you don’t spend hours driving around looking for a spot. But of course just remember that there are only 10,000 onsite parking spots so pre-book your parking ASAP via the Sydney Olympic Park website!

If you’re catching public transport:

Public transport shouldn’t be too much of a problem when heading to the venues before the performances but be prepared for MASSIVE crowds when it’s time to head home. Buses and trains will likely be packed to capacity and there’s sure to be long queues.

So make sure your phone is charged just incase you get separated from your friends, keep up to date on any public transport delays via Transport NSW and Sydney Buses and be prepared for a long wait when lining up.

If you are heading to Sydney Olympic Park this weekend, we’re sorry to put a downer on your Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars concert excitement, but we just thought everyone should start planning their transport now…You’ll thank us later when you don’t miss a single second of the shows that are certainly going to be AMAZING!!

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