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Riverdale Cast Reveal JUICY Season 2 Spoilers And F*CK

Riverdale fans, we've been very patient and waiting a LONG time for season two to come out. But the wait is FINALLY over with the first episode finally being released next week!

And of course, the waiting game has allowed us a LOT of time to speculate about what we can expect to see. Will Bughead go the distance? Will Fred Andrews survive his gun shot wounds?!

Well if you can't possibly wait those last few days to find out, here are a few possible season 2 spoilers that characters from the hit show have revealed in interviews.

And it looks like the one thing we can definitely expect is drama, drama, drama!

1. No one knows if Betty and Juggy will make it - not even Lili Reinhart herself!

They're the couple that literally everyone is shipping, but for some reason the show's writer's seem to want to just keep breaking our hearts. We saw at the end of season one that Jughead was moving schools and had been accepted as a South-Side Serpent, which is likely to create some challenges for the young couple.

Lili said in an interview with Teen Vogue, "There's definitely, it seems to be like, countless forces that want to pry them apart. Their relationship is being put to the test, totally."

"They're young, they're in love, and they're trying to make it work. But sometimes the forces that be just don't allow a love to survive."

"And at this point, it could go either way. I don't know."

Eeeek, you're making us nervous Lili!


2. Betty and Veronica may have a fight coming up but they're always going to be BFF at heart

Lili may not know too much about Betty's future with Jughead but she says her friendship with Veronica is definitely A-okay!

"When it comes to Betty and Veronica fighting, you have these two women who are so opposite in a lot of different ways. The nature of that causes quarreling sometimes.

"They're never, I don't think, ever going to hate each other. They're never going to be frenemies, or have cat fights all the time, and, especially not over a guy.

"There are going to be fights and challenges that come their way. But they overcome it, because they're Betty and Veronica."


3. Cheryl Blossom (played by Madelaine Petsch) is getting a love interest!

She may be a bit of a cold hearted bitch at times, but it seems that Cheryl will be showing her softer side this time around.

"The undercurrent for Cheryl this season is just that she wants to be loved and she need's to be loved, " said Petsch.

"She hasn't felt love since her brother left the world. You do see a lot of camaraderie between the gang and her in very interesting ways."

Everyone's changed. #Riverdale returns October 11 on The CW.

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4. Cheryl will even find a new friend in the lead singer of the pussycats

Both girls are on the cheer squad and so it is believed that we will see a true friendship blossom between Cheryl and Josie.

"You'll definitely be able to see how they get along, the different jokes they have with each other, and just the beauty behind the friendship that we didn't get to see in season one," said Ashleigh Murray who plays Josie.

Warning: Beauty may cause blindness. See more of these #Riverdale girls on The CW App!

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5. Leading man and resident heartthrob Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is going to be obsessed with finding who shot his dad...and notice he uses the word SHOT not KILLED!

KJ was careful with how he worded it, but he said, "After Fred [is] shot, a switch is flipped in [Archie's] brain where he's kind of blinded by the revenge he has for whoever shot his dad.

"[It] takes over everything and kind of gets in between his relationships with all his friends, and with Veronica, his girlfriend."

(If they show writers break up this couple as well we will throw a serious tantrum...just saying)

The second season of Riverdale premiers on Wednesday October 11 and if you can't tell already, we can't wait!


Check out the full cast interviews with Teen Vogue here.

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