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Robber Broke In & Spent The Night At Rihanna's Home

Police over in LA have rushed to Rihanna’s home overnight with suspicion that there may be an intruder inside after they were alerted that her alarm system had been tampered with.

On arrival, authorities found a man that they believe had slept inside the singer’s house. He was detained after officers ordered the man to come outside the home. TMZ are reporting that officers had to taser the man but it is unclear what exactly led to this.

It’s unknown if anything was actually stolen during the alleged break-in but law enforcement officials have said that the man will be charged for residential burglary.

It’s also unclear how the man managed to make his way inside the home but thankfully Rihanna was not at home during the alleged break-in.

Rihanna’s representatives have not yet commented on the break-in.

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