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Someone Thinks They Have Proof Of Who The Black Hood Is

Riverdale fans everywhere have turned into detectives this season as we are desperately trying to work out who the Black Hood is.

Just a recap in case you don't know, currently this season we have seen the introduction of a new threat upon the drama filled lives of the teens of Riverdale, as someone called the Black Hood.

He shot Archie's dad, killed Miss Grundy, attempted to murder two high school students and is now going on a rampage to cleanse Riverdale of it's sinful residents, all while destroying Betty's life in the process.

And well, every since we first saw the green-eyed man with a black mask show up on our screens, we've been determined to work out who the tormentor is. Especially since he *SPOILER ALERT* broke up it's personal buddy.

We've been through many theories so far, Hal Cooper (he has a similar shaped face and green eyes), Tall Boy (a south-side serpent with THE SAME leather jacket as the hood), and even Sheriff Keller (something's just suss about how nonchalant he is about catching a bloody MURDERER in his town...).

But now, someone has done some seriously impressive undercover work and has given us proof that someone else should be added to our list of theories. Hiram Lodge.

Okay, okay we know what you're thinking, wouldn't Hiram, who already has a record for being a criminal be way too obvious to be the culprit here?

We thought so too, until we heard the clip that someone had made of one of the scenes where the Black Hood calls Betty.

On the show, the hood uses some sort of voice altering technology to make his voice unrecognizable and incredibly creepy...But one super sleuth has sped up the sound, altering the voice to a normal pitch and well, the evidence is seriously damning.

AS IF THAT ISN'T HIRAM LODGE!!! Just when Veronica thought she could trust her "daddy"... And remember the Black Hood didn't start striking until Hiram came back to town!


Buuuuut, in saying that, we have heard from the creators of Riverdale that their own writers don't even know who the Black Hood is at this point as they currently have THREE characters in mind for the role.

Looks like we're just going to have to wait and see like everyone else when it's revealed at the end of the season. And we'll happily deal with that AS LONG AS we can agree to leave Betty and Jughead out of it from now heart can't take it!

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