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Terrifying Footage Of Bieber’s Car Swerving Into Traffic

Justin Bieber is the focus of police again this morning, as a fan who was snapchatting him caught his car, which held him and his crew, swerving from the road and into oncoming traffic.

According to a report on TMZ, Bieber was part of a 3-car convoy in the Frodsham area of Cheshire when the incident occurred.

While the video doesn’t show the full story, it shows what appears to be Bieber’s SUV pulling to the right side, which funnily enough in England, is actually the WRONG side of the road.

The cars were racing down the street, which is why they’ve caught the attention of police.

Justin is renting a mansion in Cheshire during his "Purpose" tour in the UK.

Luckily, an official for the Cheshire Police Department has told TMZ that they're aware of the footage and believe Justin was not driving any of the vehicles.

They say that since Justin was a passenger, it's unlikely he'll face any punishment.

Source: TMZ

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