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The Bachelor's Megan Marx Left DEVASTATED Over Nude Photos

Bachelor contestant Megan Marx has revealed she is devastated by revelations that naked photos of her are being circulated.

A photo of the 31-year-old naked asleep was taken without her consent earlier this year and has been doing the rounds in Melbourne, Sydney and her native Western Australia.

It is now a criminal offence in Western Australia to photograph someone naked without their consent and could land the person who took the photo with a $5,000 fine or 12-month jail sentence.

“Obviously, if someone’s taken (naked) pictures of you sleeping it’s incredibly weird and creepy and inappropriate,” Marx said to the Daily Telegraph.

“It just shows that you don’t ever fully know anybody, it’s quite horrific.’’

Megan goes on to say that she is not sure how to proceed but is thinking she will go to the police ‘“At this point, I’m still in a bit of shock. I haven’t even seen the photos myself.’’

Marx believes she knows the photographer who is circulating it and ‘’It’s definitely a breach of my trust and my privacy.

“I have a pretty good idea of who it was, but I’ve had a couple of ex-boyfriends so I can’t confirm. I definitely don’t want to falsely accuse anybody,” she added.

The Bachelor finale airs on Channel Ten tonight and tomorrow evening at 7:30PM.

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