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The BIG Thing Ronnie And Georgia Did Wrong On The Block

Last night was backyard reveals on The Block. The teams ran into big issues as they tried to get their pools installed into their outdoor areas, and stress levels were at an all time high.

In the end, Josh and Elyse’s simple, family-friendly layout took the cake and they pocketed the $10k they needed to carry out the completion of their home.

Favourites to win the most cash come selling time, Ronnie and Georgia, made a mistake that could well cost them the big money when it comes auction time. The entire yard was centred around their pool; 10-tonne Tessie.


That was all fine; what the judges weren’t fussed with, was the big wall they put up at the back of the yard, complete with gas fireplace.


Shaynna Blaze brought up the fact that they had paid an artist to paint a mural on the wall on the back of the backyard… which the wall was now covering.


They couldn’t quite work it out. Jason was quick to point out the fact that the mural might not be a good idea, not to them, but to the camera…

‘They’ve just lost half a million dollars - hahaha!’


Image source: David Cook

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