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Big Thing We All Thought Would Happen On Bachelor, Didn't


If you were hoping to see the back of Jen tonight, you may be disappointed.

Jen’s [kind of] bitchy ways have been a bone of contention for many viewers since the show started, and many were convinced tonight was the night Matty would see her true colours.

However, after a group date with Elise, Simone, Cobi and Jen - that saw the girl’s parents surprise them for a lunch where everyone cooked a course - Matty J’s idea of Jen seemed to change, but not in the way you think.

Instead of falling for her more, being over-the-top impressed with her course and bagging Jen for the extra time - he didn’t.

Instead, they had a face-to-face at the cocktail party - and Jen proceeded to whinge to him about the fact that ‘she could be Picasso at a painting competition and still wouldn’t get time with the guy.’

She also hinted that she’d told her mum she thought she’d been ‘friend zoned’.

Matty didn’t seem to take too kindly to the inquisition - keeping a stern look on his face the whole time…

And THEN, he let go of hot cop Michelle… He MUST be high.

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