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The Biggest Hint Yet That The Bachy Intruder Is Near


Two eps into Sophie Monk's season of the Bachelorette and the main man expected to win her heart is someone we haven't even met yet. 

Rumour has it that 44 year old Stu Laundy is yet to appear on the show but will enter as an intruder to vye for Sophie's heart. 

And signs point to 'yes' after the millionaire has just set tongues wagging on Instagram. 

While Stu has always had a personal private Insta account, he has this week opened up a public page.

What's more - he is already following a bunch of the current Bachelorette contestants and they are following him back. 

Also, in recent seasons, the production teams have encouraged contestants to use social media to commentate about their 'journey' and drum up more interest. 

All of the current contestants have even changed their profile images to their Bachy pics from night one. 

We'll be watching Stu's activity very closely to see if any more hints come through. 

PLEASE let these just be rumours about Laundy winning the final rose and Sophie's affection and let this season be less of a whitewash. 

If you want to follow the business manager yourself, you can find his Instagram handle at @stulaundy44.

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