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The Black Hood Returned To Riverdale With ANOTHER Murder

Okay Riverdale fans, we bet you’ve had a whirlwind night filled with mixed emotions after watching the latest episode on Netflix last night.

We’re feeling completely SHOOK combined with just a hint of smug and yelled ‘WE KNEW IT!’ over and over again while our eyes were glued to the screen. 

And it's all because the Black Hood mystery that we were all convinced was definitely not solved has made it’s way back into the plot.

It turns out we were in fact right, the Black Hood was NOT the school janitor - that plot line was just way too simple for the craziness that is Riverdale - and just as we suspected the REAL Black Hood has made his return with a bang. 

While this episode titled ‘A Night To Remember’ may have been dedicated to song and dance as the high school prepared to put on Carrie the musical, it was far from the light-hearted, cheesiness that we were originally expecting.

Midge, who became known as a character in the show after dating Moose and becoming scarily close to being one of the Black Hood’s victims while in a parked car in the woods, plays the leading role of Carrie in the stage production.


Now we know that Carrie is generally known for that one scene where she is drenched in pig’s blood at the formal. But as the curtains went up on the opening night of the musical performance, everyone was shocked to find blood of a different kind.

Presented on the stage was Midge’s murdered body with an announcement that read ‘the Black Hood has returned’. And yep, this is the exact moment that we lost our sh*t!!

The Black Hood is back and this time he’s actually murdered one of the high school kids!

“The Black Hood has killed people - Miss Grundy, the Sugar Man - he’s shot people, and unsuccessfully killed people, so we wanted to make it clear when the Black Hood came back that the stakes were real and people were in danger,” said Riverdale show runner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa about the gory scene.

Well mission accomplished there Roberto. Mission accomplished!

“I think our characters are in mortal danger in a way they’ve never been before,” he continued. “There are now four episodes left and I would say as intense as things have been in Riverdale, this amps up the danger and the drama to a level that even we haven’t done.”

And just like that, just as we were getting a tad bored with the Jughead Vs. Hiram Lodge saga, Riverdale draws us back in and we are once again HOOKED! Bring on next week’s episode!

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