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The Game Names The Three Kardashians He Has Slept With

The Game referenced he has slept with three Kardashians in his recent track "Sauce", and he's finally named who they are to chat show host Wendy Williams on Tuesday.

'Sauce' off his latest album, 1992, includes the lyrics "f**ked three Kardashians". While not wanting to give the names away, the answers are obvious when the host questioned him, watch above.

When Wendy asked him about the most famous of the family, Kim Kardashian, he attempted to dodge the question, "Kanye is a really good friend of mine, and they got really, really beautiful kids, and I don't want to disrespect their family, ya know?"

Wendy then jokingly asked, "Have you slept with the mom?" to which he replied, "Nah. Hey yo, Kris Jenner's cool."

Watch The Game squirm in his seat and find out who the three Kardashians were in the video at top.

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