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MKR Blow Up That Saw One Team Booted And Viewers Horrified

While tuning in to channel 7 last night you would be forgiven for thinking that you were watching Hell’s Kitchen, or possibly even a scene from the Real Housewives of Sydney, because seriously the bitchiness on the screen was over-powering.

Last night the much talked about My Kitchen Rules scandal finally aired and instead of focusing on the food on what is meant to be a cooking show, contestants were caught up in a MASSIVE argument that saw one couple thrown out.

There’s no denying that this season of MKR has seen more tiffs at the dinner table than others with fiery contestants Sonya and Hadil often butting heads with, well pretty much anyone that looks their way, but last night it was taken to new heights and viewers were left horrified.

The fight in question occurred at the start of the night before entrees could even be served at Kim and Suong’s instant restaurant.

Sonya and Hadil were clearly ready and rearing to start an argument, but their venomous jabs weren’t aimed at the couple cooking. No in fact, they began attacking a couple who were innocently sitting at the table, Jess and Emma.

Sonya and Hadil have been clear rivals with Jess and Emma since the beginning, but this time around the attack’s became personal, with Sonya and Hadil picking on the sister’s appearance, calling them ugly and likening one to a “blowfish”.

They continued to throw rude comments at Jess and Emma, telling them that they “can’t cook”, before descending on any other couple at the table who tried to defend them, calling everyone “a**holes”.

But what was even more horrifying? The way that Sonya and Hadil smiled and appeared to actually be proud of themselves for the way that they were behaving.

It was at this point that the judges Pete and Manu decided to interfere and ultimately they decided to ask Sonya and Hadil to leave the competition.

“Enough! Things have got too out of hand,” said Manu. “This is a cooking competition and this behaviour is unacceptable. Sonya and Hadil you are excused from the table!”

Sonya and Hadil left and were taken away in a taxi. But not before dishing out a few more hateful comments saying that it was “pathetic” that they were being kicked out “just like those girls”, referring to Jess and Emma.

We think that someone ought to give Sonya and Hadil a few lessons on table etiquette. And while this was MKR and not Hell’s Kitchen, now that we’re thinking about it we would seriously love to see these two taken down a peg or two by Gordon Ramsay…

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