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The Most Awkward AF Thing Happened On The Bachelor Tonight

When a guy takes you on a date, no doubt you expect a nice time, maybe with a few glasses of wine, maybe a movie, or a pleasant stroll.

Well that’s what a normal date might look like.

And as we’ve found out, there’s nothing NORMAL about The Bachelor.

Tonight’s episode saw Matty take Cobi on a date, where the pair went horse-riding, it was Cobi’s first time on a horse.

The girls in the house speculated that Cobi would be friend zoned in around two minutes flat, and they’re not the only ones that think Cobi is the next Heather 2.0.

As soon as Cobi met Matty’s horse, Harry, he (the horse, not Matty) did quite possibly the most awkward thing ever - and we’ve seen a horrific car crash of a dodged kiss remember.

Harry the horse and his elongated willy decided to point right for Cobi’s feet and unleash a tidal wave.


No doubt the ‘Price Charming’ vibe and playful banter went right out the window.

And so did our souls.

We all secretly loved it.

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