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One Thing Kendall REFUSED To Be Asked On The Red Carpet

This week, Kendall Jenner debuted at annual US festival, Coachella - along with the rest of the world. (I mean, is it just me or is your feed clogged up with glitter and alty outfits, too?)

As a Victoria’s Secret angel, she had several media interviews lined up, but get this, there was one question NO reporter was allowed to ask.


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And I know you know what it was too, right?


You know, THAT ad.

The one that pissed everyone off around the world.

With the political-style rally, protest, whatever - nobody found it in particularly good taste and the ad was consequently pulled, much to the assumed embarrassment of everyone involved - including Jenner.

SO, I guess we’ll never know what she thought of that whole thing - until the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ airs, that is.

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