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The Questions We Have After DJ Khaled Snapchatted Sons Birth

The birth of a child is an amazing moment in anyone's life, including DJ Khaled who just had his first born with partner Nicole Tuck.

His son, Asahd, was born on October 23, 2016, and the music mogul didn't miss the chance to keep his fans informed on what was going on in the delivery room.

Although while watching his snapchat updates, we were left wondering a few things...

Why is he not talking to his partner to calm and comfort her?

Who were the other guys in the room?

Why is he not even holding his partner's hand?

What is the music he's playing in the background?

Did he really play 'I Got The Keys' during the birth?

Why are there so many people in the room?

Do you really need to be snapping all this?

And, does DJ Khaled care more about his snapchat than his baby mumma?

Those new born baby cries at the end though were just waaaay too cute. We just hope his son gets all the attention from his dad that he deserves, away from his snapchat!

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