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The Underrated Star Of MKR This Season

If you’ve been watching My Kitchen Rules recently, you will have become acquainted with Queensland couple Matt and Alyse.

After making headlines for their curry-gate scandal and villainous ways, the couple departed the series when they were eliminated in a face-off with the Seafood Lovers Josh and Amy.

Which means it’s time to say good bye to one of the most underrated stars of this season.


Matt’s biceps.

The muscles which aptly earned him the nickname of “Popeye” from other contestants.

And it’s easy to understand why.


The gym junkie wasn’t about to hide them away and showed off his hard work in short sleeves and plenty of flexing while cooking in the kitchen.

So while we may be saying so long and farewell to the Ambitious Newlyweds, it’s really the Popeye jokes we’re going to miss.

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