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There Is Some Devastating News For One Member Of Gogglebox

We know her as one of the Silbery ladies on Gogglebox Australia, but last night, we found out she is newly single.

Isabelle, who sits with her mother and grandmother, revealed that their couch is now filled with ‘three single ladies.’

The subtle announcement came after she split with her husband of five years and the father of her son, Craig Silbery.

The couple wed in 2011 in a beach-side ceremony, but on this week's episode, when the family were re-introduced to audiences, it started with Isabelle taking a large gulp and saying: 'And now three single ladies are sitting on the couch'.

However, she was quick to high-five her mother and grandmother as they sat either side of her, suggesting it was positive.

'No more men,' Isabelle added.

'No ties, no more men,' Emily told her.

'Free at last, free at last,' Kerry added, twice for effect.

Fans picked up on the cryptic clue, with one noting: 'Think on the bright side, Isabella is now free to sign up for next season of #9Married'.

The pair first met in 2009, while walking their dogs.

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