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THIS Is How Much Barack Obama Earns A Year!

If you’re dealing with the stuff that Barack Obama deals with on a daily basis, you’d hope that you were being paid a decent amount.

I mean, you pretty much have to make some of the hardest decisions in the whole world - and to be honest, I don’t know if I could do it for a day - let alone two years.


I also don’t understand why people like Donald Trump and Kanye West would WANT to do it - given that they already have so much money!

It seems that the money may not be the big draw card, especially if you’re Donald or Kanye.

A report on UNILAD states that the President earns US$400,000 a year, with an extra expense allowance of US$50,000.

It does sound like a lot, and it is, given that it’s ten times the average yearly wage of US$45,230 in America, but you would think one of the most powerful men in the world would earn more.

Because, you know, the Prime Minister of Singapore earns $1,700,000 a year!

But don’t feel too bad for Obama mind you… his actual income in 2011 was around US$790,000 thanks to investments and royalties from his books.


As part of being President, he also gets some pretty sweet perks; like free rides in the Presidential limousine, his boat, Marine One, his private jet, Air Force One - and free housing in the White House.

PLUS, when they finish their term, former Presidents are still on the government payroll, which includes an annual pension of about $200,000, health care, paid travel - and a sweet office.


Source: UNILAD

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