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This Is Why An Ambulance Was Called During MKR Dinner Party

Just when we thought that My Kitchen Rules had reached the peak of this season with the infamous fight between Sonya and Hadil and Jess and Emma, the show surprised us by releasing their most dramatic promo yet.

Described as the moment that would ‘stop My Kitchen Rules’, the advertisement for “the emergency” was jam packed with dramatic sound effects, the vision of an ambulance rushing to a dinner party and some seriously intense voice over leaving viewers hooked to the show, who would need medical attention and why?

Last night we finally found out exactly what went down. Triple zero was called not for one of the cooks, as you would imagine that that the place most likely to receive injury is in the kitchen, but for one of the contestants at the dinner table, Suong Pham.

The MKR contestants had been attending a dinner party at Alex and Emily’s instant restaurant when Suong, a 38-year-old mum from Victoria who is competing for the winning title with friend Kim Tram, started to feel ill.

She hardly touched her food and asked judges Pete and Manu to leave the table during dessert as she complained of feeling unwell and suffering from “hot and cold flushes”.

Suong was later seen lying on a couch whimpering and suffering from stomach cramps.

“This is not Suong. There’s definitely something going on. Something’s wrong,” said her friend Kim as they decided to call emergency services to the scene.

Song was taken away by paramedics in an ambulance with Kim saying that she was worried about her friend and was hopeful it wasn’t something serious that would force them to leave to competition.

This dramatic episode came just a few days after an explosive dinner party was held in Suong and Kim’s hometown which saw Sonya and Hadil asked to leave the table after they were involved in a fight with fellow contestants Jess and Emma.

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