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TWO More Geordie Shore Castmates Have Been Given The Boot

The front door of the Geordie Shore house must be a revolving one; we can hardly get from one season to the next without losing at least one cast member, and we're pretty sure Gaz Beadle is the only original left.

And now The Sun is reporting that two more of the reality show's stars are getting the boot from producers fed up of their "hard-partying ways".

Yes, really. Isn't that the whole point of the show, guys?

Apparently not; both Scotty T and Marty McKenna have pushed show bosses to the brink, with the former barely appearing on the current season for turning up to set hungover - if he turns up at all.

"Scott has been removed from filming as he has not followed orders to clean up his act," an insider said. "His behaviour on set hasn't improved and the producers had no option but to send him packing."

And his co-star isn't that much better.

"Marty is just as bad if not worse than Scotty," the source continued. "He parties hard and it can get too much at times.

"He didn't fly out to Italy with the cast as producers had already made their minds up and knew he wouldn't be continuing for the rest of the series."

While MTV and the two boys have declined to comment on the reports, Scotty last year slammed similar rumours that he had been suspended from the show, insisting that he was "taking a break".

"Whenever I go on Geordie Shore I go too wild, I just need to calm down," he said last year.

"At the end of the day, if [the rumours] were true, would I still be here? Would I still be doing the show? Exactly."

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