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TWO Of Our Favourite Shows Are Set To Be Cancelled!

We get that it's becoming increasingly difficult for terrestrial TV to keep up with Netflix but this news has just ruined our morning.

After a review of show ratings in the US, the results are in and it looks like some of our favourite - and what we thought were everyone's favourite - programmes are on the chopping block.

There's a whole bunch of "meh" shows that we normally flick past on Foxtel that aren't looking too crash hot, which isn't really surprising; Quantico, Powerless, Elementary, The Blacklist and Blindspot should, Insider reckons, expect a tap on the shoulder any day now.

But with viewers increasingly switching off, it's not looking good for fan favourite New Girl, either.

According to reports, even people working on the show aren't too hopeful, with the most recent season finale re-written in case it's the last finale ever.


Even more shockingly, though, is Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; apparently the comic book-based sci-fi action show has bottomed out as one of ABC's lowest-rated shows this year, losing a whopping 30 per cent of its audience in the last 12 months.

Hopefully they've got something even BETTER in the pipeline because with Married At First Sight over, we're running out of things to watch.

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