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Victoria's Secret Models Are Repping Stretchmarks This Year

Do you know what, we're just going to skip past the "I can't believe this is ACTUALLY news" thing and go straight to "You go Glen Coco!" because Victoria's Secret are seriously upping their game this year.

The undie emporium announced their line-up for their 2016 show last week - it's getting all ~fancy~ in France - with Bella Hadid joining sis Gigi and bestie Kendall on the runway.

But it's Jasmine Tookes who gets to don the $4 million Fantasy Bra for a sassy strut down the catwalk, and soon after the news broke, Victoria's Secret released a series of behind-the-scenes snap of the American model looking like, well, $4 million bucks in the bejewelled bra and briefs.

Except there's one other thing the certified hottie is rocking with pride in the pics - her stretchmarks.


Whether it was intentional or not, it's proof that the VS Photoshoppers aren't looking as closely for "imperfections" as they once were, which can only be a good thing. 

Credit where credit's due; snaps for Victoria's Secret. 


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