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We Could Be About To Say Goodbye To The Kardashians Forever!

It looks like the Kardashians are in major trouble!

According to reports, ‘Keeping Up The With The Kardashians’ could be axed due to its low ratings.

The twelfth season of the TV show has just got underway, but the premiere attracted a below average audience of 2.2 million viewers, which is the lowest start to a season ever.

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It has only got worse as the season continues too, with the July 26 episode down to its lowest ever point, with only 1.2 million Americans bothering to switch it on.

Star Magazine is saying that Kris Jenner is now in panic mode as she is ‘absolutely desperate to save the show.”

Selfish in Mexico

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In February 2015, the show was signed up by E! for four more seasons but it is not unlike American networks to cancel a show before the deal ends if they are not making enough money.

We are sure the Kardashians have enough money to support themselves, however.

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