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We Get Our FIRST Glimpse At Chicago West In Kylie’s Video

News has broken that Kylie Jenner has given birth to her daughter - and oh wow - the video that accompanied her announcement showcases the last 9 months of secrecy from the world.

It’s incredible, the lengths they went to to hide it from the world, the way they were able to hide the baby shower, and her growing bump, and her hospital visits - from the world.

The other surprising thing we saw in the video, was Chicago West - Kim and Kanye’s third baby.

After getting a glimpse at Kylie’s daughter’s closet, already packed with dresses and shoes a month out from her due date, we see her meeting up with big sister Kim (at around the 8:25 mark in the video).

Kim places her third child, which was carried via surrogate, in Kylie’s arms and the girls coo over how beautiful she is.


Someone off camera then asks, ‘Did you figure out the name?’

‘I think we’re going to go with Chicago,’ Kim says.

‘I LOVE Chicago!’ Kylie responds.

Rob Kardashian then brings baby Dream into the room, and the four of them sit together as Kim snaps away photos of the family’s littlest bubs.

Kim then offers some sisterly advice, ‘I need to warn you about what your vagina’s about to feel like. Like for real.’

‘I actually don’t want to know,’ answers Kylie.

Yeah Kim, neither do we…

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