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We Are Shook By This Gogglebox Admission

Gogglebox is one of the best shows on TV, full stop.

But last night we were left shocked by Matt Dalton’s view on how to eat Shapes..

The father has revealed that he likes to suck the spice off the biscuits before putting them back in the box.

It’s not just us that are confused, however, with Matt’s whole family divided, with his wife Kate labelling it ‘weird and wasteful’.

On last night’s show, Kate called her husband out on the bizarre eating method while watching TV with their two daughters Millie and Holly.

'You've got this thing,' Kate exclaimed. 'Matthew, look at how many times you open Barbecue Shapes, you lick them, you put them back in!' 

'I give them to the dog,' Matt interjected, 'The dog has them!'

Kate then called it wasteful, which Matt defended saying 'It's not wasteful, I just want the spice!'

Descriibing why he has the weird habit, he said 'They're fattening, so I just have the spice, give the rest to the dog, everyone wins.’

Gogglebox returns to Ten next week.

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