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Why Survivor Contestants Are Preparing For Serious Backlash

The reality show 'Survivor' may be highly complex and strategic for the players competing for the title of sole survivor (and the prize money) but the layout of the show is meant to be quite simple.

Each episode, we can expect to see some campsite action, a reward challenge, immunity challenge and then off course tribal council, where one player will have their torch extinguished and be removed from the game.

And while the show has made viewers accustomed to a blindside every now and then, the bombshell that occurred during last night's episode of the Australian edition of Survivor was completely unexpected!

And contestants are now worried that Survivor super fans will not be happy about it.

The episode in question saw the Samatau tribe having to vote out not one but TWO of their tribe members and the unlucky pair included Sunshine Coast barrel racer Tara Pitt and Victorian student Anneliese Wilson.

But the double elimination was not the shocking twist. Survivor fans everywhere were left gobsmacked when the host Jonathan LaPaglia announced that the two women would not be going home, but would be visiting "exile island" before rejoining the game on rival tribe Asaga.

Speaking out after the surprising episode went to air, Pitt has said that she is now prepared to receive backlash from fans of the show who might not be happy that they were not asked to leave the tribal council area immediately, which is what usually occurs.

"They are not going to like it, because I get a second chance," said Pitt.

"They are probably going to think, maybe a tribe swap is OK, or I should be just sent home.A lot of people are going to think, why should myself and Anneliese stay?

"I can sense there will be a few super fans who will not enjoy that I got saved. They are a very strong bunch, they don't back down."

Pitt herself has admitted that she was incredibly shocked by the announcement, having already mentally prepared for her departure and becoming excited to see her family.

"I was sitting there for about half an hour when they were voting for Anneliese, and I was already in my head, getting excited about seeing my boys and happy with the game I had played," she said.

"Then I was in shock when he turned around and said you are still in it."

Australian survivor continues tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30pm, and we can't wait to see how the other tribe reacts to getting two new tribe mates.

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