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WOAH: Proof That THAT Rose Drama Was Faked On The Bachelor

While we always knew that reality TV shows like The Bachelor were, um, produced to be as dramatic as possible, it wasn't until UnReal hit our screens that we realised just HOW much of the seemingly "real" programme is engineered.

The fictional series is written by an ex-producer on the US version of the show, and reveals how staff are pulling ALL of the strings behind-the-scenes, convincing the contestants to play games and sabotage each other.

So we probably shouldn't be too surprised at footage that proves, once and for all, that our beloved Bachie is faked.

We still are though. We feel ROBBED.

Punkee have been putting in the hours studying clips from Wednesday night's episode and, in particular, the moment Matty J apparently puts a rose back on the table, creating the most dramatic moment of the series so far.


But slowing down the clip highlights the totally unnatural movement of the surrounding roses; the rose to the left moves before it's touched by the main flower, suggesting that the footage has actually been reversed.

Punkee have put up the full, slow-mo video online, which you can check out below.

Like we said, we know we shouldn't be surprised but it's slightly ironic that the trickery went down RIGHT before Matty J's speech about not being a puppet on the show.

Just sayin'.

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