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You Won’t BELIEVE What Chris Gayle Named His Daughter…

You may remember last summer, when Channel 10 reporter Mel McLaughlin suffered an embarrassing media spectacle following inappropriate comments from cricketer Chris Gayle.

During a sideline interview, Gayle famously went very off track, telling McLaughlin how he has been wanting an interview with her so he could ‘see her eyes for the first time’.

When McLaughlin looked down following the comments, Gayle laughed and said “Don’t blush baby”. She said “I’m not blushing.”

And a media onslaught ensued.

Some people were sickened by his comments while she was trying to be professional and do her job, others believed she should just relax.

Anyway, according to his Instagram account, Gayle and his partner Tasha have welcomed a little girl he says they’ve named ‘Blush’.

It is uncertain if the post is a joke, or if the couple have realised they love the name following the media attention they got.

It was a long day/night yesterday for Dr. Gayle. I think today I can treat myself to a Cigar & a 🍺. #SpecialMoment

A photo posted by KingGayle 👑 (@chrisgayle333) on

Is this a bid to hang on to the 15 minutes of fame following the incident with Mel McLaughlin? We can only hope that it’s a joke…


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