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The Edge iHeartRadio Thumbs Up Chart

The iHeartRadio Thumbs Up Chart
on The Edge 96.One... the chart where YOU control what gets played.

When you listen to The Edge on iHeartRadio, if you like a song you can give it a 'Thumbs Up', and a 'Thumbs Down' if you don’t. We take all the songs that get a 'Thumbs Up' and stick them in a countdown. So now we'll all know what the most popular (most thumbed up) songs on The Edge are!

We count them down at 9am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 9pm weekdays. So keep on thumbin'!

Not sure how to give it your 'Thumbs Up'? Find out below:

On Mobile:
How to Thumbs Up on iHeart App

On Desktop:

How To Thumbs Up on iHeart Desktop
The Thumb Up/Down feature is located in the top-right hand corner on your desktop interface.
You must be logged in to use this feature.

Haven't used iHeartRadio? Firstly, what are you doing?!! Secondly, get it here:

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About iHeartRadio:

iHeartRadio reached 30 million registered users faster than any digital service in internet history, and continues to be the No. 1 all-in-one digital service in the US with more than 60 million monthly unique users across its network. With a library of more than 18 million songs and 450,000 artists, iHeartRadio’s Custom Station feature offers listeners more music than any other service available.  

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