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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bring It On

Look, there's no arguing here: Bring It On is THE best cheerleading movie of all time.

Of. All. Time. 

From the sassy Clovers to the bitchy Torros' and everyone in between - Cliff, we're looking at you, you romantic, angsty hottie you - it had all of the gymnastics, all of the back-stabbing and all of the sexual tension a '90s teen movie could ask for.


And, as it turns out, the behind-the-scenes action of Bring It On was just as interesting as what eventually made it on-screen; check it out.

1. it wasn't actually supposed to be called bring it on

The working title was Cheer Fever, which we're really not rating. Good job on the name change, guys.


2. Your cheer captains both cheered in high school

Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union nabbed the coveted lead roles of Torrance and Isis thanks to their previous experience with pom poms and human pyramids.


3. But that didn't mean everyone else got away lightly

The entire cast had to go to an intense, four-week cheerleading boot camp. Not only did that cut down on the amount of stunt doubles producers had to find, it made the whole thing look more legit.


4. It wasn't the first time Gabrielle Union had tried out for a cheerleading movie

Gabrielle desperately wanted a role in Sugar & Spice, but missed out on the part because, in her opinion, they weren't "trying to go black". Bring It On, she felt though, was committed to diversity - and went on to bring in US$90 million at the box office. Good call, Gab. 


5. Isis' three besties were part of a girl group called Blaque

Lava, Jenelope and LaFred are actually Shamari Fears, Natina Reed and Brandi Williams; they recorded the song Missy dances to outside her house, As If, for the flick as well as starring as Clovers squad members.


6. But they had no acting experience

It was all three girls' first time in front of a camera, and, at first, they struggled with not staring straight down the lens when it was their turn to speak. Still nailed it, though.


7. There was a Buffy-themed Easter egg in the script

Eliza Dushku and Clare Kramer, who played Missy and Courtney respectively, both starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Jenelope's line "Can we beat these Buffys down so I can go home" was a hidden joke slipped into the script.


8. Lindsay Sloane originally tried out for the part of Torrance

Lindsay eventually landed the role of Big Red - who put the "whore" in "horrifying" - which, considering she lied about having cheer experience, was a good decision in more ways than one.


9. The Clovers made a HUGE mistake in their nationals routine

The blooper, which, for some reason, was left in, can be seen about 22 seconds into the Clovers' final Nationals routine; if you're looking closely, you should be able to see two girls run into each other. 

(We've watched this movie hundreds of times and never caught the mistake BUT this is finally proof that the Torros should have won that day. They were robbed.)


10. One of the main cast members was injured that day

Huntley Ritter, who played Les, filmed all of the Nationals routine scenes on a sprained ankle. Commitment to his craft or what?


11. That didn't stop them from performing some pretty illegal sh*t, though

When it comes to high school level comps, most of what the Clovers and Torros whipped out for Nationals would have earned them a tidy disqualification in real life. According to the National Federation Interscholastic Spirit Association (what a mouthful), all stunts more than two bodies high and fly-overs are serious no-gos.


If anyone needs us, we'll be practicing our spirit fingers.

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