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20 Tweets About Being On Your Period To Make You Laugh & Cry

Periods. Seven(ish) days out of 28, you're on it. And yet... Even after days of random crying and shovelling anything remotely edible into your mouth, it's still a surprise when it arrives.

Thanks, Mother Nature. You da best.


Thank you for being nice to us.

Aaaand then you gotta make an emergency bathroom trip, holding your bag over your bum.


Why you gotta be like this, boo?

Both make us cry, tbh.

Carep diem, people. Carpe diem.

Yeah, same.

*Looks sadly into the distance*

Heads or tails?

Let's get badges.

Always a 50/50 risk.

What's worse, pre-period crying or during period crying?

Come, sit, let us tell you a story.


Back to being a warrior princess.

Still always a surprise though.

OK well now we're sad about this too.

Come. Snug.

Happiness lasts approximately three minutes.

Every. Single. Time.

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