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5 Things You Need To Know About The Elite Series

Ever wished you could be paid to play video games? Admit it- we all have!

Well, this is the reality for players in the Gfinity Elite Series Australia. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Street Fighter V and Rocket League, teams will compete in iconic games for a share in some of the largest prize pools in Australian Esports history.

But, what exactly is the Gfinity Elite Series Australia?

Here are five things you need to know about this unique event!

1. What is it?

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia presented by Alienware will see six city-based Clubs competing weekly in front of a live audience at a state of the art esports arena. To make things even more exciting, each event will be broadcast live on Twitch for the world to see!

It's pretty much the Big Bash League of the gaming world.

2. Who will be competing?

Season one will run for 7 weeks of competition, and will feature Melbourne Avant Gaming, Sydney Chiefs, Brisbane Deceptors, Perth Ground Zero, Melbourne Order and Sydney Roar. Each of the Clubs’ three teams will compete on Saturdays, CS:GO 3-8pm and Sundays, Rocket League 10-1pm and Street Fighter V 4pm-7pm in an action packed five-week regular season and two-week Finals.

Um, why aren't we in this industry? We’ve had loads of training!

3. What's the prize?

Gamers will be competing for some of the biggest prize pools in the history of Australian esports, with $450,000 on the line this year across two seasons. They'll also have bragging rights as the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series Australia Champions.

 Imagine having that on your resume!

4. What games do they play?

Over the course of seven weeks, each club will have three specialist teams playing the following: Counter Strike Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Which of these games are you pro at?
*We've totally mastered the Hadoken!*

5. Where can we watch?

All matches will be played at the state of the art Hoyts Gfinity Arena in the Entertainment Quarter. But, for those of us who would prefer to watch the competition from the comfort of our homes, each game will be broadcast live on Twitch commencing June 2nd. Rocket League matches will also be broadcast live each Sunday on One.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re the king of offense, a professional street fighter or a dust 2 master, the Gfinity Elite Series Australia is an unmissable event for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Grab your consoles and start playing. We might be seeing you at next year’s event!

To learn more about the Elite Series, head to Gfinity Elite Series Australia.

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