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A Drake-Wear Range Has Just Dropped And HOLY SH*T

If you scored tickets to see Drizzy Drake in November, you’re one of the truly #blessed among us.

What you might not know is that there is a WHOLE LINE of Drake-wear that has just dropped, and it’s a sure fire way to get you to stand out from the crowd and grab Drizzy’s attention.


The line comes from a store called Greylines, who specialise in clothing with pop culture references; think ‘Merry Kris-mas’ tees with Kris Jenner’s face, denim jackets with Tupac’s face on the back, and bombers with Biggie.


This new range is called ‘Get Ready For Drake Down Under’ and features denim jackets with ‘Don’t Drake And Drive’ slogans on it, hoodies with his hotline bling pose, and tees with his face and a tear.



The goodies come for both guys and girls and they start as low as $34.95, up to $99.95 - so totally reasonable.


All hail Drizzy.

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