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A Real Life Multi-Level Mario Kart Track Is Being Built

If you played Mario Kart as a kid growing up, no doubt you’ll be SERIOUSLY into this news.

There’s a real life Mario Kart style race track in Australia - and it’s MULTILEVEL.

The Branson Tracks design spans four levels and is wide enough to allow for power drifts and throwing barrels.


However, don’t get too excited, there’s no word whether leaving banana peels on the track is actually allowed.

It’s called the Heavy Metal High Rise, and is rock and roll themed - so not as ‘Mario Kart’ as we would have liked.


HOWEVER, with a dizzying four-story spiral climb, 3-tiered down slope, and featuring stage style lights - it’s as close as riding the Rainbow Road as you can get.

The mark is located in Missouri, so if you’re heading to the US, be sure to add it to your itinerary.


However, the first track has proven so popular, they’re building a second track beside Niagra Falls in early 2018!


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