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A Six-Hour Scary Movie Marathon Is Coming To Sydney!

The best part about watching scary movies from the comfort of your own sofa/ bed is having plenty of doona, cushions and pillows on hand to cuddle and/ or hide behind.

It kind of makes the scare a little more... bearable.

Which means that Sydney is in for one HECK of a frightening night next Saturday April 29 when a horror movie marathon takes over a car park for six whole hours.

Yes, that means being outside, in the dark, exposed to who knows what, while three straight-up terrifying flicks play on a big screen.

Anyone else already got goosebumps?

All three movies - XX, Bitch and Near Dark - have scored ratings of 70 per cent or more on Rotten Tomatoes and are fairly guaranteed to give you a restless night's sleep afterwards.

The whole thing kicks off at 5pm at ALASKA Projects, Kings Cross Car Park, and you can grab your $30 tickets right here.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Near Dark; it's an oldie but a goodie.

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