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Air NZ Get A Men In Black Makeover For Their Safety Video

When we think of the best in-flight safety videos, we can't go past Air New Zealand.

Last year's theme was The Hobbit, but we think they've topped it with Men In Black.

They've employed they're greatest sports stars from the All Blacks Rugby Union Team, Richie McCaw and Dan Carter as "special agents" given the task of making sure passengers know safety procedures.

With the help of Stan Walker and Israel Dagg, they let us know in with lyrics like these:

"Sit back, relax let's go, let's get this started, but before this plane's departed follow the instructions from your crew..."

"Loose items you've brought on board must be secured and safely stowed up in the locker overhead or underneath the seat instead."

They're the Men In Black: Safety Defenders...

H/T BuzzFeed

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