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Alex Nation Just Had A NOT SUBTLE Dig At ‘The Bachelor'

She may have won Richie's heart but Alex Nation did NOT escape the judgement of The Bachelor fans.

Single mother Alex Nation poked fun at her 'crazy girlfriend' TV persona during a shopping trip in Melbourne.

Taking to Instagram this week, she shared a photo of her new purchase, a candle featuring the phrase: 'Cute, but psycho. But cute.'

When a candle has your bachelor edit written all over it... literally 🙊😂

A photo posted by alexandra nation (@alexandranation) on

The post comes after Alex was labelled 'crazy' by The Bachelor viewers.

Her enthusiasm for Richie and 'death stares' at her rivals earned her a cult following among the show's fans.

Twitter fans compare her to fictional serial killer Patrick Bateman from American Psycho after her 'chocolate bath' with Richie.



Some people noticed a 'similarity' between her chocolate smeared smile and Patrick's blood-splattered face from the 2000 film.

'Pretty sure Alex is gonna go all American Psycho shortly,' tweeted one fan, while another warned: 'Ritchie, Alex is a psycho. Run while you can!'


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