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Aussie Cops Tuck Drunk Bloke Into Bed And Then Take A Selfie

We've all been there, you've had too much to drink and all you want to do is go home and sleep it off.

A guy by the name of Reece, from Tasmania, recently had one of those nights and got himself in such a state that he came to the attention of the local police.

But instead of putting him into the 'drunk tank' for a few hours to sober up, these two officers instead decided to give Reece a lift home, and not only that, they made sure he got safely into bed. 

(We like to think they also read him a book before tucking him in!)

And then, to prove that these Tassie cops REALLY are tops, they grabbed Reece's phone and took a classic selfie featuring the drunken Reece in the background moments before he no doubt passed out into a drunken mini-coma for several hours!


It's safe to assume that Reece had no memory of this being taken until he looked through his phone while no doubt nursing a hangover of EPIC proportions.

Great work to everyone involved for a story that gave us a big grin!


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