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Aussie Doctor Charged with Murdering Wife, Facebook Rant Revealed

A 63 year old South Australian man has been charged with murdering his wife while on a scenic holiday in northern Tasmania. 

Kerry Michael's relatives were tipped off by an obscure Facebook rant from her husband Robin Michaels, accusing her of an extramarital affair with a close friend. 


'I have taught (his friend) everything I could, I have encouraged him, promoted him to others and protected him when required,' he allegedly wrote.

'So why would he think he has the right to engage in an affair with someone that he knows is the centre of my life.'

'I hold her at night and there is no drug that would deliver that same sensation to me ... I thought she was my life partner and would never do me wrong. She is my heartbeat,' he wrote. 


The post was enough for family members to approach police who went on to conduct an air search and ultimately uncover the 44 year old woman's body on Mt Roland in the state's northwest. 

Officials involved in the investigating confirmed that Robin Michael had been charged with the murder on Thursday.

'There's some contact between family members that created concern for her welfare that led us to this area,' said Inspector Kim Steven.

'I believe there were some social media interaction that raised those concerns,' he told The ABC.


Mr Michael has made his first appearance before a magistrate on Friday and will remain in custody before reappearing on Tuesday. 

The couple were in the middle of a caravan tour throughout the state. 

Michael was the Chief Executive at Radiology Resources Pty Ltd in Adelaide and had previously held the position of general manager at the Royal Darwin Hospital. 

The 63 year old was found by police in an East Devonport caravan park with what is presumed to be self inflicted wounds. 

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